Laboratory Services

At Aspect Chemicals, we offer a wide range of analytical and consulting solutions to meet your specific needs. Here’s what sets us apart:

Product Analysis: Our laboratory is equipped to analyze both incoming and outgoing products, providing comprehensive insights into their physical and chemical properties. From pH and concentration percentage to specific gravity, flash point, and viscosity, we deliver precise data to ensure product quality and compliance with industry standards.

Water Analysis: Water quality is essential for various industrial and commercial applications. Our water analysis services cover a range of parameters, including total dissolved solids (TDS), pH, iron, phosphate, total hardness, alkalinity, chloride, sulfite, and more. Whether you’re monitoring process water or wastewater, we provide accurate results to help you maintain regulatory compliance and optimize your operations.

Wastewater Polymer Jar Testing: Optimizing wastewater treatment processes requires careful testing and analysis. Our laboratory offers polymer jar testing services to evaluate the effectiveness of different polymers in wastewater treatment. By simulating real-world conditions, we help you select the most suitable polymer for your specific application, improving efficiency and reducing costs.
Consultancy Services: Our team of experienced professionals provides expert consultancy services, offering testing of materials and product recommendations to support your business objectives. Whether you need assistance with material selection, product development, or process optimization, we offer tailored solutions to address your unique challenges and goals.

Such services includes:

  • Compatibility testing
  • Corrosion testing
  • Oil analysis
  • Scale inhibitor testing
  • Solid analysis
  • Bacteria deduction

Looking For Something Specific?

Our consulting company is dedicated to helping clients navigate the complex landscape of the chemical industry in search of tailored solutions that meet their distinct needs.